Mr. Crabs


          This is Me


I am so tired of being so stressed out that, My get stressed out over being anger and not the reasons why, I am stressed and mad. I just don’t know what to do. I want to changes things but, Its hard to do so when, I know that there are other things that need to be changed and not just me.

I hate that, I have to clean and do things around the house that, It shouldn’t be just me and this set my bipolar off. It could make me manic or depressed. I am working on it so, I don’t bother anyone and family.  My anger and stress is giving me anxiety. I just want to change it with out meds cus, the meds make me sleepy.



Lithium Blood level checked

I went to the doctor and found the blood level was. I was low, I was like .4 and he gave more mess to take. I hope that I can make a difference  in me. 

Henka suru ( Change )

Ok, I have been on this meds for few days now.

I amj feeling better cus, I am not always sleepy and i dont know why but, now lithium haven’t made me groggy as it used too.

I am lost why

I am not going to complain about it.

I am not going to lie but, I feel more on my manic side now. This could be a good thing or not. its really both.

The Day after

Ok, I am at my son’s doctor appointment and I am so tired. I hate that, Seroquel xr made me so tired. I had to do so much yesterday that I couldn’t take my meds. Sigh. 

I didn’t sleep the night before last. 

  If I did took my seroquel I could t be able to do what, I need to do that next day. 

So, I been on lithium for  day now. I took last night  does was 600mg and this morning too. That was 300mg. I am so like exhausted but I am not sure it’s from the meds or not sleeping for the night, or being sick. 

Well, I let you know how I am feeling later tonight. I know I need like 3 cups of strong coffee or another 10 hours of sleep. Sigh. 

Missed another night

Ok, I know I should be not taking my meds but, its hard to take care of kids and take my meds on time. I need to take my meds like, 10 hours before, I have to get up but, I can’t cus, kids would be still be up. I would need to take around 6pm or 7pm last night cus, I needed to get around 6:30am cus, I need to go to the DDS Office

I hate them………..

Well, I thats all i can say now. I am not sure, if i should try to sleep. This sucks.

Feeling’s On Med’s


  Ok, you already know what meds, I am on right now. I am having some trouble with it cus, I makes me crash in a way that, i really dont want to be on it. I kinda need 10 hours of sleep after I take it roughly. I would also, need 3 or 4 couple of coffee.

   I live on it now.

I have been slacking in the house work and self care like, in shower’s.  

I want to sleep all day and watch tv also play video games, I believe that, I am depressed still and I just dont know.